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Adult Coloring Books Let Us Unplug, Unwind, Create.

by Susan Morgan on January 27, 2016

4F48F2A0-811C-4407-9A60-5DAC6A833192There’s a prediction from ASI this week that the next big thing in promotional products will be adult coloring books. Yes, you read that right. Coloring books with amazingly intricate patterns intended for adults. The kind that call for fine tipped markers or colored pencils.

Maybe you’ve noticed them yourself. Over the holidays, stores reported them as a popular gift. Five of Amazon’s current top 15 best selling books are adult coloring books. A recent Fortune article points out that adult coloring books are one of the biggest contributors to the boost in print book sales.

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Debunking The Advertising Rule Of 7

by Susan Morgan on November 13, 2015

7It’s not the idea of repetition that’s we’re questioning here. Repeating your message is key. It’s the number. Why 7?

You’ve heard it often enough, people need to see an ad 7 times before they remember it. This Rule of 7 is most often quoted by people in advertising with such confidence that you would expect to find tons of studies to back the claim. Not so. What we found was a fascinating piece from @successfulsw that takes a hard look at the science behind that all too readily accepted number.

The evidence to back the Rule of 7 theory, as the author finds, is limited. There aren’t reams of statistics, surveys dating back years, or journals full of research to back the claim. There’s only one study to be found, from 1989 no less, and this mentions no magic number. Seven just took over somewhere along the way.

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On Taking “No” For An Answer

October 24, 2015

We can all agree that no one likes to hear the word “No.” Business or personal it doesn’t matter, being denied something you’ve worked long and hard for is no easy thing. Most of us don’t take it very well. That’s really not a problem unless you happen to be selling something. Then taking “No” […]

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Imprinted Calendars: Still Thriving In A Tech Obsessed World

October 6, 2015

We’ve talked about this before, two years ago and then again earlier this year. It bears repeating, as now is the best time of year to order your own imprinted promotional calendars and be ready for the New Year. We’ve wondered in the past if tech had given the trusty promotional calendar the boot. It hadn’t. Technology marches on, […]

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