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authenticbrands-700x700 copyOnce upon a time, a brand could rely on billboards and signs, radio and TV ads, public relations efforts to promote itself and attract buyers. Potential buyers had to go to a physical storefront to learn more or buy what they wanted. By mail came catalogs, flyers and the like. Brand authenticity wasn’t a part of the mix simply because the company controlled the message.

In today’s digital world consumers have access to anything, 24/7, delivered right to our front door or handheld device. We have all kinds of access to (and impact on) brands that consumers past didn’t have. The hyper transparency of today makes it tougher to stand out over the noise of everyone else trying to do the same. We can talk about our favorites, complain about the bad stuff, share hints and experiences. It’s a whole different ball game.

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What To Do To Win The Millennial Buyer

by Susan Morgan on February 3, 2015

Millennials seem to be getting a lot of attention lately, and it’s no surprise. This generation’s numbers are pretty impressive. To start, there are 76.6 million of them, larger than those famous Baby Boomers (1946-1964) and Gen Xers (1965-1980). Today this age group makes up half the work force, and are on pace to be a full 75% by 2020. And then, there’s this tidbit — Millennials account for $1 trillion of annual consumer spending.


Certainly enough motivation to try and win them as customers.

That starts by learning a bit about what this age group is all about. This generation has a unique sense of self, an optimistic outlook and a not so traditional approach to the stages of life. They buy, but they don’t do it the way many brands today still think they do, because people this age are becoming adults in a different world. Growing up without need or want, with technology and resources, they see limitless possibilities to create the life they want.

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Gearing Up For The Game Of The Year

January 20, 2015

Can you feel that certain something in the air? Despite a year of scandals and shameful behavior, the NFL is as much a commercial success as ever. With winter having us firmly in hand, and massive TVs on sale everywhere there’s no doubt another Super Bowl is coming up. For the next few weeks just about everyone […]

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Why Printed Calendars Still Matter

January 8, 2015

Last year, at just about this time, I wrote (vented) here about the disappearance of my promotional calendar from a real estate agent we used for a summer rental. So when the familiar envelope arrived yesterday I was happily surprised to find the functional, practical and everyday useful calendar back in the mix. These guys must […]

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