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Quality Drinkware Gets Your Name And Logo Out There!

by Susan Morgan on August 5, 2009

Now that summer is finally in full swing, there’s no better time to sit back… enjoy a drink, and think about the role that promotional drinkware might play in getting your business noticed.

Everyone loves these items… in fact, if you look in your cupboards this minute you’ll see your very own group of mismatched but beloved mugs and sports bottles. The acknowledged favorite of my collection is a jet black ceramic mug from a lawyer who handled a real estate transaction for us over ten years ago. It still looks good… washes up great… and reminds me of that guy every time I use it.

Quality drinkware can do the very same thing for your business, product or event.

Whether a ceramic mug, a sports bottle or travel container, these essentials are sure to be part of all the best summer-time activities… trips to the beach… nights around the campfire… backyard barbeques… sporting events or concerts. They go anywhere and everywhere, and can easily take your business name and logo right along too.

Writer Rob Yelvington of Corporate Logo offers us some general insight on finding
the right drinkware for your business. The challenge is that today there are more choices than ever before. For some it’s the daily essential (at least in my house), the coffee mug, for others a fine looking piece of glassware is an ideal way to enjoy a beverage. Sometimes handy plastic cups are an effective, economical choice, while there are also times when reusable travel mugs are the perfect canvas for a business name or logo.

A professional product representatives (like ours here at Big Promotions) can help you make the right choice for your needs. They can discuss colors and logos… offer tips on what will work best… and see that what you order is delivered and ready to use. Anyone you work with should be asking you some of the very questions Yelvington mentions…

  • How will you use the drinkware?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • How many do you need? And how soon?
  • What features, colors, sizes do you want?

Another great thing about so many of today’s drinkware options is that they’re good for the environment — ceramic, glass, acrylic or high quality plastics can be re-used, so they don’t end up as part of the waste we all generate each day. Replacing all those paper cups with classic imprinted mugs is a simple way to present your business as environmentally responsible. Over the long haul making this change saves money as well as freeing up all that landfill space.

You can also generate less trash on your own by carrying a high quality travel mug and bringing it in with you when you get coffee. Some stores offer discounts to customers who do this. What’s more, you’ll be surprised at how much less waste you create, keeping perhaps hundreds of paper and styrofoam cups from the waste stream… oh, and your coffee will stay warmer, longer.

Before you dismiss the “green” benefits, consider this tidbit from Jen Zorger’s August 2009  5 Hottest Marketing Trends#3 on the list — Eco-Friendly and Socially Responsible Promotions. Being responsible with your own promotions is a great way to show your concern for the environment to customers, prospects and employees while still getting your name out there. Even better, you’re leading by example, a far more effective way to differentiate your brand, and your company.

So as you bask in the warmth of summer… give some thought to the ways you might make drinkware part of your plans this season… maybe all year long!

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Susan Morgan
Creative, passionate and detailed, Susan brings 25-plus years professional writing experience to a variety of projects — get-noticed direct mail pieces, full line print catalogs, eye-catching color brochures and totally original. search engine friendly company blogs, web pages and online articles.

A lifelong love of storytelling has also produced a full-length novel (Out of the Ordinary published by booklocker in 2007). Susan continues to indulge her passion for fiction with a growing number of short stories (one an award winner in 2004, another in 2008) and finalizing a second novel.

In her spare time Susan enjoys gardening, studying astrology and tarot, being with family and friends and keeping up with politics and current events.

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