Sonic Frito Wraps, Miller Lite Big Game Promo, Motivating Employees – LIVE! Big Promo Cast Ep 047

Ep 047 02-03-2021

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Here are links to the topics on the episode:

Sonic Drive-In’s Boring 9-Minute Ad Contains a Hidden Treat

If You’re a Fan of the Sonic Guys, We’ve Got Some Bad News

Miller Lite offers Super Bowl fans calorie-burning distraction in shot across Michelob’s bow

Miller Lite: Ridiculously long calorie-burning Big Game URL

What To Do When Employees Lose Their Motivation

Employee Appreciation Day

SALE – Sartori® Charcuterie Board Gift Set

Peach & Lily reverses its educational marketing strategy

Fast food fashion: how restaurant merch became the new band tee

The Story Of Dave & Buster (Yes, They’re Real Guys!)

FutureLearn Dot Com

The War Of Art – Steven Pressfield

How to Write Copy That Sells – Ray Edwards

Ecamm Live Free Trial

Draplin’s Joe + Kamala Inauguration Souvenirs

So I guess we’re in the PPE business now

Neck Gaitors

Point of Sale Counter Shields

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