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Lisa Suzuki, a massage therapist in Santa Barbara, relates to her readers the importance of “being everywhere” when starting their own massage practices. She further explains how promotional products are helping her accomplish that goal:

I bought magnetic To-Do Lists with a peel-off sticky spot to adhere my business card to. The only reason I bought them really was I felt I should support the PR person in my networking group. I thought they were kind of cheesy, actually. I stuck my cards on them while I was watching TV at home and then distributed them to my clients. To my surprise, clients were actually happy to receive them and in some cases even asked at later sessions if they could have “more of those cool To-Do Lists”. Not only that, but three years later, I had a new client come in for her surprise birthday appointment. Her boyfriend, who had to be out of the country on business for her birthday, had secretly scheduled and paid for the session ahead of time. He then called her from Paris the day before to tell her that he had scheduled a massage for her and told her where to go to receive it. When I asked the woman how her boyfriend found out about me, she said, “Oh, I’ve had one of your To-Do Lists on my fridge for the past few years and have been meaning to come get a massage.   

Read her complete article here

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