Big Promo Cast Ep 014 – Working From Home, Retail Merch, Learning From Other Industries

Ep 014 20-04-22

Here are links to the topics on the episode:

Working from home tips from Forbes:

Online Tomato Timer

Popeye’s “NOLA-Strong” Meal Pack

Small Business Owners Desperate To See ‘Retail To Go’ Bring A Boost

Texas Restaurant Owner Questions Why Larger Chains Received SBA Loans & He Didn’t

Your Favorite Restaurants Need Your Help. Buy Their Merch To Help Keep Them Alive

from American Coin-Op:
Look to Other Industries for Ideas, Solutions – Part 1

Switchpod by Pat Flynn (affiliate link)

Rich’s Vlog

Timebomb by Old 97s

Watch for The Ultimate Vendor Experience by Amber Jewell

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