Chunky Ghost Pepper Soup Waiver, Heinz LVII Fail, Michelob Ultra Caddyshack – Big Promo Cast Ep 150

Bushwood is open to new members! Michelob Ultra recruits Tony Romo, Serena Williams, Brian Cox, and lots more for their “big game” commercial. Heinz Ketchup drops the ball on registering a logical version of the domain for their big game promotion. Campbell’s Chunky Ghost Pepper Soup is so spicy you have to sign a ‘waiver’ to try it – but not really. Cool swag too!

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This week’s topics:

New Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle Soup Is So Spicy You Need to Sign a Waiver to Try It

Waiver – Campbell’s Chunky Spicy Waiver

LVII Meanz 57 – Heinz

Heinz – LVII Meanz 57

Dear Heinz — Zach Tarvin

Serena Williams, Tony Romo, and more to star in ‘Caddyshack’-themed Super Bowl commercial for Michelob Ultra

ULTRA Club l Cinderella Story

ULTRA Club | New Members Day (Extended)


The ULTRA Club Collection Collection – Shop Beer Gear

The ULTRA Club Collection

ULTRA Crest T-shirt – Shop Beer Gear

ULTRA Crest T-shirt

Golf Club Golf Towel – Shop Beer Gear

Golf Club Golf Towel

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