New ALDI Gear, SVB Corp Swag, Coors-icles

Ep 156 03-16-2023

Former employees of Silicon Valley Bank are selling their old company merch on eBay. I mean, sure, a cutting board with the company logo might seem cool, but do you really want to risk a used one? And don’t even get me started on the knock-off stuff. I saw a “risk management department pint glass” that’s obviously fake. Like, how much swag does one bank risk management department need?

March Madness season! Coors Light is teaming up with 80+ year-old basketball commentator Dick Vitale to promote their new beer-flavored popsicles. Yes, you heard that right. BEER-FLAVORED POPSICLES. Not sure if this is genius or just plain weird, but either way, I’m not gonna try ’em.

Finally, some good news. Aldi and Costco are both releasing new merch lines! Who says you can’t look stylish while stocking up on toilet paper? Aldi’s got some cute summer-themed items, while Costco’s got some killer sweats and sportswear.

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0:00 This week’s topics:

0:38 eBay is awash in SVB swag | Fortune

Silicon Valley Bank Merch On eBay

3:26 Coors Light helps calm anxious basketball fans with beer-flavored ice pops | Marketing Dive

Ambassador of Chill: Dickie V | Coors Light

Coors-icle 6-Pack – Coors Light Shop

Coors-icle 6-Pack

Munch Madness 2023 Tee – Guy Fieri Store

Munch Madness 2023 Tee

6:08 Costco’s New Clothing Line Is Making TikTok Go Crazy – SHEfinds

Costco’s New Clothing Line Is Making TikTok Go Crazy

7:00 Back by Popular Demand: ALDI Unveils its Largest Gear Collection to Date

ALDI Gear 2023 on Instagram