Company Logos: First Impressions Made Everywhere

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You’ve probably noticed a few familiar company logos (Google, Verizon) have changed their look recently. Not anything drastic, more of a refresh and acknowledgement that we all view these logos on many different devices.
refresh-buttonHow does this apply to your business?
It shows how very important a logo is to a business.
The company logo is the face of your business, your first impression and professional stamp. There is a reason companies hire professionals to design them. Creating one looks simple (a 4 year old could do it, right?), until you sit before a blank screen and try to do it. There are an endless number of fonts to use, as well as styles like bolding, italics and underlining. Text spacing comes into play. Graphics and color must also be considered.
If your head is spinning at all the details, hire a designer to help you figure this out. You might not be able to hire big name design firms, but someone with experience in branding and designing company logos can do the job just fine. Examine their portfolio to be sure you like what you see, if you don’t, move on. Once you choose the right pro, be specific about what you like, answer every question (no matter how obvious it seems to you) they have about your business as completely as you can. More information is better than less.
It supports the idea of refreshing a look every so often.
In the case of Google and Verizon, the logo refresh came after a long and fruitful amount of time with an existing logo (in the order of 15+ years). Once you have a company logo you like, that works everywhere you need to use it, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel. Using a logo consistently is one of the best ways to help build your brand, help people identify you.
But if it’s been a while, or you notice that your logo is not looking right on smartphone screens (or someplace else), it might be time for a refresh. Notice that the big companies didn’t trash the former look, but evolved it, took it to the next logical step. You can do the same.
It makes you think about how your logo looks on different devices
Once upon a time you put a logo on paper (maybe a vehicle or trade show display) and that was it. Today there’s laptop screens, tablets and mobile devices likely looking at your website. Technology is everywhere and you need to take the time to assess how your business website looks on these devices. Flexibility is a big plus here.
Again, if the though of this makes your head spin (or stomach turn) a professional designer can take care of this for you. As part of your refresh, the designer will show you your company logo in all its different places, so you can see how it looks.
Now, when it comes to putting that company logo on anything, call us. Our team is ready to take that newly refreshed (or just created) company logo and make it shine. You can upload your art files during the ordering process, fax instructions to 1-800-600-0283, or send instructions and files via email. See, easy…

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