Denny’s Diner Merch, Margaritaville Crocs, Panera Charged Lemonade – LIVE! Big Promo Cast Ep 118

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New cool merch from Denny’s, Panera Bread, Margaritaville, and Miller Lite. PLUS, how Axe and Victoria’s Secret are building digital shops in the Metaverse. And a recap of Amber’s weekend in Galveston…. and what the heck is Popeye Elbow? It sucks, that what it is.

Every week join Rich Graham and Amber Jewell as they discuss marketing with swag, merch, apparel, and custom branded promotional products.

Join us LIVE on Thursdays at noon eastern time.


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This week’s topics:

This week’s topics:

Denny’s Targets TikTok Crowd With New ‘Diner Drip’ Merch Collection

Denny’s Diner Drip

2022 Denny’s Hungry For Education

Official Margaritaville Crocs Come with Salt Shaker and Bottle Opener Jibbitz | Food & Wine

Margaritaville Crocs

Axe enlists popular Fortnite streamer to design in-game ‘Mistaverse’ | Marketing Dive

Victoria’s Secret’s Happy Nation brand launches Roblox hub | Marketing Dive

Soon-To-Be Dad Luke Combs Partners with Miller Lite for Father’s Day ‘Beer Registry’

Beer Registry | Miller Lite

Are TikTok And YouTube The New Googles For Generation Z?

Panera Launches Cup that Can Charge Phones

Charged Lemonade Campaign From Panera

BayWatch Dolphin Tours – Galveston

Galveston Pirate Museum

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