Football Themed Promotional Products Keep You In The Game

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Well, this year’s game is set… Steelers vs. Packers… Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 6:30 on FOX. And since just about everyone’s attention is centered (for the next few weeks anyway) on the great game of football, it’s also the perfect opportunity to make use of some winning football themed promotional products to get your business noticed, and remembered.
These items, bearing your company name or message, reinforce your other promotional efforts. They’re great for all kinds of businesses or organizations. So whether it’s an item to cheer on your team (or the team you have to root for because your own made such a pathetic playoff appearance… but I digress) or to engage in the celebrations that are so much a part of football, there have never been so many options.
A few that come to mind…

All these options means there’s something for every budget. Calling on a fully trained product specialist is a smart move, as these pros can help you choose something that works with your overall marketing message, or takes advantage of a special, once-a-year event like the Super Bowl. Our team works regularly with businesses of all sizes to help them get the right product, the right look. They’ll even give you great suggestions on ways to get those super cool products bearing your business name into customer’s hands.
If you’re working to stretch a budget, consider creating a gift basket of items celebrating Super Bowl XLV. Choose one or two of the suggestions from above and add some of your own personal touches — munchies and snacks, coupons, gift cards, whatever works for your type of business will do. Display the basket and hold a raffle for the content, or award it to a customer (or employee) for any reason you wish. Quality promotional products, imprinted with your business basics, make a simple, yet powerful statement about how much you value the relationship.
And that’s always a good thing. In fact, if you remember, the 2010 ASI Impression Study found that 62% of those who were given an advertising speciality (what we call promotional products) ended up doing business with that company after getting the item. What’s even more impressive is that 84% of those who get these items remember the company — no other medium (not TV, radio, newspaper or magazines) offers that kind of name recognition.

— end —