Gifting Tip: Pretty Business Gift Packaging Matters

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The right business gift packaging does more for you then you might think. It’s a demonstration of time and effort that makes a good gift great, helps a ho-hum one seem special. Which is why we’re encouraging you all to give some thought to packaging the business gifts you plan to give this year. You’ve taken time to select something special… you’e waited while it was imprinted with your name and logo — why risk your investment of time and money by skimping on the packaging?
Paying attention to packaging a business gift shows the recipient (customer or employee) that you’ve gone “above and beyond” in your efforts. This sends a powerful message to everyone who gets your business gift this season. A message that nay business, large or small, needs to deliver over and over again.
As in the past, the pre-holiday season brings an excellent piece about packaging business gifts that you really need to check out. The use of quality packaging for such gifts is on the rise, most likely because we’re all looking for ways to make our gifts (and business) stand out, look sharp. Paying attention to how a business gift is packages is the final piece of the puzzle — it’s an easy (and affordable) way to present a business gift that ensures the  “WOW” factor, reinforce the good decision it was to do business (or work) with you, continue to build that special one on one relationship.
All these benefits you put are at risk by not paying attention to the packaging of your business  gifts.
Take a look at the image here… there’s a reason why we used it. The packaging creates a rich, upscale look that adds perceived value to whatever is in those boxes. While this  may not be the right look for your business, you get the idea — choose packaging that’s visually appealing, coordinated and festive — spend on wrapping papers or gift bags, save on the tissue, curling ribbon or other fillers. Even simple business gifts can benefits from a little thought (or a bit of creativity) in packaging.
Also important and often overlooked, the gift card. Just as you wouldn’t give a gift to a family member without a card or tag, don’t miss the chance to make sure the recipient of your business gift knows who sent it. A simple handwritten message is best — just be sure it’s readable — and you’re all set.
Now you see how the right packaging can take a business gift from average to high impact, grab attention and deliver the impression that time was taken to prepare this offering. That’s a powerful message, one that smart businesses try to deliver as often as they can.

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