Have Your Employees Been Good This Year? Business Gifts Let Them Know.

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday come and gone, it’s time for those of you procrastinators out there to think about the people working right next to you… day in, day out. Your employees. Sure you pay them (hopefully) a decent salary, but showing your appreciation for all they do for your business with a quality business gift is a smart way to recognize and reward all that hard work.
In fact, there’s a TV commercial for one of the office superstores running right now where a smart business person learns the value of nice gifts given to her unpaid college interns. And in a case of perfect timing, a recent piece in Promo Marketing covered the 2010 survey on preferred business gifts conducted by Lands’ End Business Outfitters. Not surprisingly, clothing lead the list as the most sought after gift, followed by the always-appreciated gift card. In case you’re wondering, the holiday stand by’s… the fruitcake, the popcorn tin and the ornament ranked way down on the list.
According to the 2010 Holiday Survey, 54% of employers are planning on buying a gift… and that if given the option 73% of employees would prefer a quality gift (hint, hint!) to the social landmine known as the office holiday party. Most people are spending what they did last year… about $25 per gift.
But what to give?
You want something that’s practical, that can be used at work or at home. And it never hurts to choose a quality promotional item with your business name and logo that can then be added to something else… a gift basket, coffee mug or home made treat that you give to employees over the holidays.
Here are some other great ideas to consider…

  • bags and briefcases are perfect for running errands, trips to the gym or more exotic destinations, taking your name with them wherever they go. And they’re gender neutral — so both men and women need and enjoy getting them. You might even consider filling them with other gifts.
  • electronics are so H – O – T right now and have a higher perceived value. These devices are creeping into our everyday lives more and more and often people would love to own something from this category, but wouldn’t purchase it for themselves… so getting it as a gift is a win-win for everyone. Think headphones, MP3 players, digital picture frames, USB drives.
  • journals are an unexpected choice that works for just about anyone, can be decorated to make a nice impact and used for a good long time as a promotional gift. And as the user fills them the journal becomes even more precious… and gets viewed over and over again.
  • picture frames are great office gifts because they appeal to everyone and can be used for anything… photos, awards, artwork. Look for quality imprinting here and you’ll make a nice presentation.

The choices are literally endless… which is why an experienced promotional products specialist is your best bet. Not only can these pros help you choose an employee gift that’s just right, they’ll show you how you can add your company name and logo for a truly personal, professional gift. What’s more, these people know how to get things done, so you’ll have your gifts in hand right when you need them.
Now to all the bosses and business owners, it’s time to take a moment to consider a gift for your hardworking employee. There’s no reason to wait… only 25 days till Christmas… it’s time to go shopping!

— end —