How To Get The Most From Promotional Products

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You’ve seen the data on how effective promotional products can be. They’re an affordable, tangible way to create visibility, maintain contact with prospects, and thank customers and employees for their loyalty. Before you jump on the promotional products bandwagon, take some time to think about the audience, your budget and just what you want to get out of your investment.
The promotional product you choose is important. It needs to tie in some way to your type of business. Think beyond pens and mugs to more unique items… something with a natural relationship to your business. Calendars… flash drives… hats or clothing can all be promotions that work for a variety of businesses. Remember, you don’t have to choose a promotion that’s the hot thing or the latest trend… instead select something useful that will represent you well over time.
Also important is to apply a unified theme to the products you choose. The color, logo, typestyle allneed to be the same… easy to identify. A message that supports the theme reinforces the campaign. Look to your current color scheme and overall look for clues. Think IBM blue, Apple’s rainbow… you want that kind of immediate, universal recognition for your company. 
Beyond the promotional products you choose, you also need a plan… well thought out and carefully timed. A calendar is a good starting point — look at holidays, plans for new product introductions, anniversaries, community or charity events… anything where your business will be involved. You’ll need to define, as clearly and succinctly as you can, what you want to accomplish. Is it an increase in sales? Is it so many good quality leads? Is it more press (visibility) for your business?
Next ask yourself… How will you get the promotional products in the right hands? Will you give them out as a souvenir at an event, enclose with invoices or orders, deliver by hand or as part of your ongoing advertising efforts? The answers will be different depending on your type of business and the audience you’re trying to reach. 
promotional products consultant can be an invaluable resource when it comes to finding the right thing — these pros know what’s out there, can help you with imprinting and give you suggestions for how to get your awesome new promotional product into people’s hands. And then you’ll see, first hand, the kind of amazing results your business will get.

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