Make Your Promo The Complete Package, Inside And Out

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Sometimes there’s so much focus on the product that bears your company name, you may not have thought much about what packaging you might need with it. You know first impressions are important, you’ve put thought into this, planned and prepared, yet one of the most important pieces, how you’ll package your promotional product, probably hasn’t crossed your mind.
Admittedly, making things look “pretty” is a girl thing. We like color coordinated packages and shiny ribbon. In fact, attentive packaging can help your efforts go from not so great to a great big step in building that all important relationship. And that’s what you’re after, isn’t it?
A recent article in PPB Magazine makes the point that packaging is almost as important to a project as the item that’s inside, the item they’ll actually keep. It adds value, creates mystery and gives the distinct impression of tending to every detail. It makes the gift that much more special, more memorable. Today from 20% to 30% of promotions involve some type of creative packaging.
So rather than handing out a coffee mug, package an item that bears your company name in some special way, and you’ll set your gift, and your business apart. You might choose hinged boxes or two piece ones, bags, tins and baskets, custom inserts of foam or die cut plastic, as well as the trusty cardboard or plastic tube/sleeve. Even two pieces of colorful tissue paper wrapped and tied with a bit of curling ribbon can make a nice statement.
Appealing packaging works especially well for smaller items, adding a lot in terms of perceived value. So something that’s not all that expensive (a pen or a keychain for instance) can be made to look like much more, just by the packaging. You want something engaging, colorful but that isn’t overdone or made from lots of non-recycled plastic. Also make sure the package you choose provides the type of protection the items need — fragile wine glasses or another breakable item will need a special insert or other packing materials to assure they stay in one piece.
If you’re interested in spicing up the look of the promotions you give, call one of our specially trained promotional products pros for help. We can help you work out all the details, talk about the many packaging options and the demands of schedule. One call and you’ll be all set, not just with the right promotional product, but with the packaging and presentation as well.

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