Making The Case For Hand Held Fans

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With the start of the pro football season and schoolboy seasons all well underway, there are plenty of hardy souls who brave blistering heat (in most parts of the country anyway) to support their team. A case study appearing in Chief Marketer gives the details on how one non-profit, the Scottsdale Christian Academy, used an often overlooked promotional item — hand held stick fans — to win points off the field.
The challenge for Shannon Cox, director of development at the academy, is that she works for a non-profit organization, and this means not much money for promotional programs and products. Sound familiar?
Handing out portable stick fans to those attending the football games was a fantastic solution — to keep attendees at the games cool, and also give them a copy of the full game schedule for the season. Cox gave away 1000 fans – some at the gate, and some as she worked the crowd.
Adding punch to the giveaway was attaching a coupon from a local business to the stick fan. Of the 1,000 fans given out, 375 of the coupons were redeemed. The program was successful in many other ways too. It gave Cox the chance to talk with fans, recruit volunteers and encourage donations to the school. What’s more, it was a take-away game attendees could use to remind them of upcoming games. It also helped encourage attendance — so there were plenty of people lining up to buy burgers and chips sold at the concession stand.
“It’s all about making sure that clients understand that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to achieve your results, but you have to make sure it’s the correct product,” says Karie Cowden of Connect the Dots Promotions.
So true… check out the stick fans we offer, and let our friendly, full trained product specialists help you create something that looks great, keeps fans cool and spreads the word about your business too.

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