Now Even Number 3 is Remarkable

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In the age of the internet, keywords , meta tags, pay-per-click, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Don’t Ask don’t tell, Michigan yes, Florida no, I was amazed to see a top ten list that did not promote a gadget, electronic device, a blog, a widget, an upgrade, or any bells or whistles.
I regularly read other blogs and articles on promotions, branding, advertising, marketing and the like. As it turns out today, I stumbled across an article by Yaro entitled “7 Tasty Tips to Market Your Business Offline” Wow, could it be today’s Purple Cow is the brown cow of decades ago that has been so neglected it has finally come back into recirculation? Most of the tips were general but touched on several avenues to get the word out and then out of the black and white print, it jumped off the screen… Number 3.
Number 3 reads Sponsor Your Community. I was interested so I read on:

“For example, sponsor a local team sport, such as Little League Baseball or Hockey. Soon you’ll have ten or more children running around with your business name on their back. When their parent’s are bragging, they’ll mention your business name when telling their friends and relatives what team their child is on.”

This idea of sponsoring Little League seemed basic, right? Wrong! It is the resurrected coup of the decade! If ten kids are sporting your name on their backside and they don’t change their clothes before the head off to pizza with the team, or the grocery store with their parents, and each of them has to drive five miles home, and they go into two different establishments and walk to and from the car each time, and the average person has to see an advertisement 3 times before acting on it, who is getting the best publicity on the planet with the lowest ppm? The company that paid for the uniforms and sponsored the team.
That is correct; we always have time to invest in our community, after all these children are the next presidents, lawyers, doctors, and sponsors of Little Leagues. The great thing is if the team happens to be the worst scoring team since the invention of the sport, they will be covered in the paper. If the team excels and wins any type of championship, they will be covered in the newspaper! Either way you’re covered.
Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but the Purple Cow gets the Cash!

— end —