On The Lighter Side…

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SPECIAL UPDATE: I found another site, www.newsoftheweird.com, that’s really going to make you shake your head… and give you a good chuckle to boot. 
Start every workday… no matter how hectic, how stressful it promises to be with a quick check of an offbeat site I found in my travels and you’ll be LOL (laughing out loud for the non-texters among us)) for real. Add the Bonehead Of the Day Award to your own web start page  (on google, yahoo and others), or use the RSS feed to display a bit of irrepressible humor on your business blog if you don’t want to have to check the website each day. You’ll never look at your own foibles and misadventures in quite the same harsh, unforgiving light.
According to the site, the brainchild of Jerry Lerman “All stories are authenticated to a mainstream reliable news source, such as AP, UPI, and Reuters.” Many of them happen right here in the good old USA… to regular people. And really, who would make these things up???
Here are just a few of many unbelievable but true entries you’ll find…
•   Fool’s Gold Japanese museum leaves $1.7M worth of gold on display, unprotected, so people can “touch it,” pinch it
•   Documented Evidence If you work for the US National Archives, it’s not a good idea to sell highly recognized missing historical documents on eBay
•   The FBI Certainly has a lesson for children FBI website meant to teach children not to give out personal information while at a website violates child online safety laws by asking children to give out personal information
What’s even more amazing is that each and every day another award is given. So… next time you’ve had a bad day, or are in line for one… check out this site and enjoy a few good laughs at the expense of your fellow human beings.

— end —