Power Banks A Must For Power Hungry Devices

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At this point we can all agree that smartphones, tablets, laptops and the like are a huge part of everyday life. They’re here to stay. Amazingly there’s a survey from 2013 that finds most Americans would choose their technology over many things you thought never to do without. We do love our gadgets.
And our gadgets are hungry, hungry for power. 78A9D59B-3C07-40F9-A77B-F844BFE92787
But since battery life isn’t what we might wish, our devices loose power long before we loose interest. They must be fed regularly, and so there are charging stations in malls, coffee places and restaurants. We cringe if we see a low power warning on any screen, and smart techies now carry a portable power source.
Enter the power bank, a must for those times when an outlet isn’t available and a super functional way to promote your business to boot. The handy little device is called a power bank because it stores electrical energy (like a deposit in a bank) and then lets you use (withdraw) the stored energy to charge a mobile device. A power bank is essentially an external battery that is able to power a smartphone or tablet — plug in to it and you’re good to go.
Power banks work for all types of devices — smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, GPS systems, MP3 players portable speakers — anything that can be charged using a USB cable. They’re especially useful for people who travel a lot, or spend time away from conventional power sources. Taking a power bank along assures that there will always be power to feed the hungry handhelds.
Power banks are a great size, they fit easily into a pocket or purse, which is why we all love them so much. They’re portable just like our devices. Yet there’s also plenty of room for a company logo, name, number or message. There are lots of colors and styles to choose from too, so it’s easy to find something that will suit your business and look amazing too.
When it shopping for power banks, most experts suggest that the higher mAh (short for milli-ampere hour) is better. The higher number means that the power bank will be able to charge a device fully or for a longer period. There are cheaper knock-offs on the market, but spending just a bit more ensures you get a quality device that will work all the time. Remain a positive reflection of your business.
Best of all is that power banks are a one-size-fits-all item almost anyone can use. After all, we all need power. Constant, uninterrupted power to surf the net, play the games, listen to the tunes… perhaps make a phone call or two.
When you decide to give these little goodies to customers, prospects or even employees, you’ll be gifting them with a bit of useful technology that also happens to have an attractive display of your business information. Hungry devices like that, and so will the people who own them.

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