Promo Products And Football: A Winning Combination For Any Business

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One of the best things about the arrival of fall is that football is back. Lots of us seem to be feeling the same way as the ratings for the first Sunday Night Football of the year were the highest in 15 years.
Whether pro, college, high school or youth, fans of all ages are ready to brave the elements for their favorite teams… cheer them on to a big win or agonize over a heartbreaking loss. For business, this gathering of passionate, sports-loving souls brings an opportunity to share your passion for the game with your customers or prospective ones.
This makes you real… human… familiar.
In fact, promotion is as much a part of football as are the cheerleaders and the National Anthem. Next time you’re at a game (or watching one on TV) take a minute to count all the business logos, and the many different products bearing these symbols. They’re everywhere… and with good reason. Businesses of any size can benefit by associating themselves with a much loved sport, a favorite team.
Your business can take a page from this playbook.
Not all that long ago, PPAI came up  a list of the most popular football themed promotions a business might consider. Some of the best products include…

  • water bottles, still hot in an increasingly  green focused world
  • stress balls are a clever bit of humor that any fan can appreciate
  • key chains are an essential that are sure to please
  • magnets are always in demand, get plenty of notice too
  • car decals are a big hit for showing, and sharing, team spirit
  • noise makers are a must for any game, to cheer or drown out an official
  • hand fans keep fans from getting hot under the collar
  • foam footballs are fun to toss, safe to throw in anger/frustration

With all these choices it’s easy to be overwhelmed… not know where to start. That’s where a specially trained promotional products specialist can really help out. These pros have seen all kinds of products, color combinations, typestyles and logos… so they can assist you in making choices that look good and fit your budget. After all, if you’re going to make the investment in a promotional product, you want it to reflect well on your business.
And while it’s not the end of the world if your team comes up short (rips your heart out) from time to time, the promotional products you choose can never disappoint. Go for quality materials and manufacturing processes, keeping in mind that the finished product is a real world reflection of your business… and the value you put on your relationship with the recipient.
So go ahead… indulge your passion for football, or any sport for that matter, but don’t miss the chance to promote your business at the same time. That’s a winning combination.

— end —