Promoting Skin Cancer Awareness And Your Business At The Same Time

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In recognition of the month of May as Skin Cancer Awareness Month, here at the blog we’re reminding everyone how important sun protection is for your skin. Sun exposure is the main cause of melanoma and other skin cancers. If you don’t think we need a whole month to build awareness of this disease, realize that skin cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in the United States.
Of course the warmer summer months are like a siren song from Mother Nature… an irresistible call that brings people outside. At the beach or on the water, going to amusement parks, fairs or backyard barbecues… everyone wants to be out enjoying the fine weather and fresh air. No harm in that, so long as you take sensible precautions against the potential damage that can come from the UV rays of the sun.
Experts tell us that when it comes to protection from skin cancer, it’s important to use good quality sun protection products and lip balms, and reapply often. Important to know that most people do not apply nearly enough sunscreen, and don’t reapply often enough. The spectrum of ultraviolet (UV) radiation absorbed is also important when choosing a sunscreen to use.
You can also dress to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays by making use of a hat, sunglasses and perhaps a light, long sleeve shirt. Another great idea that lets you enjoy the outdoors safely is to stay in the shade or if you must, make your own shade with an umbrella.
Summer is a perfect time to reach out to people who are at outdoor events with promotional products. As at any time of year, these items are an affordable, effective way to get your company name out there, introduce or reinforce a brand, build awareness of your company. In fact, summer promotional products offer protection for your skin and plenty of room to showcase your message.
Some items you might consider…

And there are likely many more. Our team of specially trained representatives is here to work for you, spring summer, fall or winter, to see that you have the right product, delivered on time and ready to use.
What’s more, what you invest in promotional products you get more than you expect. In fact, the American Marketing Association has shown that promotional products do draw attention to a company, a brand or a special cause. In fact, there’s nothing to equal them for attracting new business, building brand awareness and in the end, growing your business. We know that giving a nice gift to someone encourages them to respond in kind and give you their business.
So enjoy the warmer weather, and consider the many affordable, effective options for building your business.

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