Reusable Water Bottles: Keeping Trash Off The Beach

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Temps are rising, clouds are burning off, beaches are filling up and an ice cold beverage is looking pretty good about now. Before you quench your thirst with a drink from a single use water bottle, you might want to think about this — single use plastic bottles are the most prevalent type of waste on our beaches. What’s more, all those plastic water bottles aren’t about to decompose anytime soon… the process can take 700 years to begin and up to 1,000 years before that single water bottle you’re holding will decompose fully. Incinerated these bottles produce toxic fumes.
If that doesn’t get you to think about your bottled water use, there’s this…

  • tap water is subject to stricter regulations than bottled so it tends to be cleaner, therefore better for you.
  • tap water, in a reusable water bottle, is cheaper than buying bottled drinks as 90% of the cost is the bottle.
  • it takes 3 times the water to make a bottle than it does to fill a bottle.

Oh there’s more, but I’ll stop here because even knowing this, you’ll likely continue to buy bottled water because of the convenience. It’s hard to argue with convenience. Whoever first figured out how to sell people something you can get for free was a genius. Sales of bottled water have tripled in the last ten years alone. Current estimates suggest that 60 million plastic water bottles are used every day, just in the U.S., with more than 100 million being used worldwide.

With numbers like that, it’s easy to see how things can get out of hand.

Truth is, people have to move away, en masse, from the use and toss mentality — a way of living that is well established for far too many of us. Making these changes won’t be easy. It will call for conscious effort. Maybe some extra steps like careful cleaning of the reusable bottles on a regular basis. And there’s no room for auto pilot… reusable bottles have to be remembered, used regularly and eventually recycled themselves.
By displaying your company information on a reusable bottle you’re taking a stand – doing your part to cut down on the plastic that ends up clogging landfills and ruining the beach. Quality promotional water bottles do all this, and give you lots of space for your business name, number and logo. They can be used anywhere — not only are they a natural at the beach, but they work for a barbecue or family gathering, during parades or sporting events — everywhere you go.

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