Small Investments. Big Returns.

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Truthfully, all I could remember about him that was he was big and lumbering and his pants sat well below his waist, but he knew my dishwasher like the back of his hand. He came out the same day I called, fixed my problem in half an hour and charged a fair price. I had a houseful of aging appliances and I knew I’d use him again, despite his unabashed lack of fashion sense.
So when my dryer stopped working two years later he was the guy I thought to call. Except that I’d long since filed (some might say misplaced) his paper invoice and the business card he left behind. I couldn’t remember his name… the business name… or how I’d found him. All I could remember was the pants, and how quickly and cleanly he’d worked.
Luckily for my dryer, this appliance repairman was a smart businessman too. He’d taken a small neon label with his business name, address and phone and stuck it just inside my kitchen cabinet, right next to the dishwasher. Out of the way, yet there when I needed it. Now I had the business name, the phone number, and was able to call at once.This is an everyday example of such an important concept. A business needs to have an affordable, effective way to keep their name and number in front of their customers so they can be found when they’re needed. 
No matter what type of business you are, you need to have a plan for keeping your contact information handy for your customers. Imprinted products do this job very well — so long as the product is linked in some way to your product or service, and the quality and printing is there. In my case, that label held strong for more than 2 years, under a kitchen sink. It wasn’t smudged or blurry… easy to read and right on hand.
Imprinted products are thought by some to be a luxury once the business is “up and running”, but in truth they can help you right form the start. When you decide to invest in an imprinted product, do some homework. Make sure the products measure up to your highest standards. This item — pen, magnet, key ring, whatever — is a silent, though powerful, reflection of your business. It tells anyone who receives it about your commitment to the business and the pride you take in your work. Don’t underestimate that for anything.
Even the smallest businesses can benefit from the experience of my crack repairman — find a way to keep your name and number on hand and you’ll get the call. 

— end —