Summer's Over… Holidays Are Coming… Time To Get Going

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Hard to believe but true… it’s time for the lazy, hazy days of summer to give way to the productive and efficient days of autumn. The fourth quarter is nearly upon us and it’s time to make those all important sales…  win those vital customers… grow your business.
The calendar, and the temperature, might say late summer, but in terms of building your business and showing customer and employee appreciation, it’s time to start planning for the holidays. In fact, as in year’s past, it’s the folks over at Promo Marketing that put the thought out there with an entertaining and informative article in still balmy August.
Halloween… just 61 days away.
The article reveals some eye opening stats, in 2008 the U.S. Census estimated the potential number of trick-or-treaters at 36 million. Just imagine all the flashlights, child safety items and other promotional products. Experts agree Halloween is a great opportunity to sell.
Even if your business isn’t directly involved in Halloween, you can use promotional products to address the holiday and show customers you care. In fact, sending a bucket of tasty (or healthy) treats now is an unexpected gesture that stands out, instead one in the press of goodies sent in December. Here are some other promotional items you might consider…

Thanksgiving… only 25 days later.

Another fascinating stat from the Promo Marketing article. The Hallmark Corporation estimated that it would sell 27 million Thanksgiving cards this year. Experts agree that these type of greetings are becoming more popular, standing out as something special, before the holiday rush.
One of the simplest, and therefore more affordable, ways to express thanks is the tried-and-true thank you note. Nothing shows your appreciation quite like taking the time to hand write (and yes, handwritten is a must) a simple message that expresses your appreciation. Emails are acceptable in certain circumstances, thought hand written and delivered by regular mail is still best.
If you’d like to go a step further, there are plenty of promotional products (ours included, of course) that take things up a notch when it comes to delivering the appreciation message, being useful to the recipient, and keeping your name and number right where everyone can see it.
Beyond totally functional pens, there are fun and funky key chains or lots of  mugs you can fill with coupons, sweets or even coffee or teas. Another hugely popular, and much appreciated, thank you gift comes in the form of stress relievers that are now available in all manner of shapes and sizes — sure to bring a smile and perhaps the feeling that your business understands demanding environments.

December holidays… here before you know it.

By the time these holidays roll around most of us are relying on those stress relievers especially when it comes to choosing gifts. This year Hallmark estimates it will sell 1.8 billion cards, boxed or individually. Holiday greeting cards, despite our app driven, internet savvy world, continue to be a staple of this time of year.
As do business gifts. Approach buying business gifts by thinking about your business… the standards of your industry and the image you want to convey. Are you down and dirty or understated and classy? Look for promotional gifts that work within that world… rulers for carpenters, pens for freelance writers,mugs for realtors… Tie something that your target customer likes into your business and you’ve struck gift giving gold.
So… despite the warm temps and the still fresh back-to-reality routines, there really has never been a better time to start planning for your holiday promotions. Of course, if you need assistance or suggestions… we’re here, ready to help!

— end —