'Tis The Season To Think About Business Gifts

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The holidays present every business, large or small, with a unique opportunity to show appreciation to customers and employees alike. Not only does this spread a little much needed holiday cheer during an otherwise ordinary day, but it also shows a commitment to sound business practices.
Of course, with the economy being what it is, many business owners are looking for ways to do some holiday shopping without overspending, and that can be easy when you choose quality promotional products as corporate gifts.
Business gifting isn’t all that different from what you do for family and friends. 
Know who you’re giving to — make a list so that you know who you’ll need to buy for… clients whospend only a certain amount? hot prospects ready to buy? employees? Put some serious thought into who you will be buying business gifts for this year. Once you have a good list, see if you find some common themes that will help guide your gift selection. 
Think about budget — how much are you able to spend per gift? Even if you can’t spend all that much, there are many quality, affordable gifts you can consider. Buying in larger quantities usually brings the price per item down, so consider gifts that offer quantity discounts as a good way to get a nice gift and a nice price too.
Look at the options — there are no shortage of promotional products suppliers, but you want someone who can bring you quality products… people who know what questions to ask and have a track record of delivering when promised. Naturally I’d recommend www.bigpromotions.net, but then you didn’t expect me to be totally impartial, did you?
Decide on the message — you want to convey. This comes through in two ways (1) in the item you choose and (2) the written words you imprint on a gift. The message should be in line with the positioning of your business all through the year… so if your edge is personal service, deliver the gifts in person. If affordability is your style… don’t give elaborate gifts now. Tie the gift to your business type if you can, or to something you know your customers care about. Anything that can be used right out of the box as well as over the long term (ice scrapers every winter, flashlights or pens) are always worth the investment.
Remember everyone — your employees work hard for you every day all year long, an acknowledgment of this now goes a long way to keeping your staff motivated and building a sense of loyalty that’s hard to beat. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive so long as it is something truly useful. An offbeat idea is to fill an imprinted mug or glass with treats you know are a favorite and leave one at the workspace of each employee. 
Whatever you choose to do about your business gifts this year… now is the time to get started with your planning. We welcome your questions about unique business gifts… we’ll be glad to help solve your gift giving quandaries… or act as a place to share your own ideas and success stories with business gifts. C’mon, let’s talk!
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