Tote Bags Carry Your Business Name Everywhere

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Summer is almost here… even in the slow-to-thaw northeast, and one of the essentials of this season is a fantastic promotional opportunity for your business. An attention grabbing opportunity that showcases your name over and over again. Whether you’re planning a summer themed company outing… attending a trade show, introducing a product… or looking for a gift you’ll reserve for your best customers and prospects, tote bags are the promotional item that offers you more ways than ever to get your business noticed, and remembered.
Canvas tote bags are an especially good choice now that the warmer weather is here. These bags are the must-have for the beach or the gym, a day bag for a busy family, as a place to organize your reading materials or other essentials.
In fact, the Advertising Specialties Institute, ASI estimates tote bags offer a business over 1,000 impressions per month. That’s rather impressive return, and the reason why advertising specialty items like these totes are so much more effective than TV or radio advertising.
What’s more, these reusable bags are so much better for the environment than single use plastic bags… look around and you’ll notice that more and more of us are getting used to carrying them when we shop. Environmental awareness isn’t a fad… it’s here to stay, and your company can align itself with this all-important effort by making tote bags part of your promotional plan.
Beyond being good for the environment, tote bags are an item that people see as having value… something that can be used again and again. This perceived value reflects well on your business… sending a message about quality and value that is reinforced every time someone reaches for that bag. Which is why you want to be sure that tote you choose is well made… something with solid construction, durable straps and imprinting that’s first rate — so that your company name and logo look their best. Quality shows… and it matters.
As you’d expect, there are pricey, chi-chi options from Chanel and Louis Vuitton, though most tote bags are simple, functional carry-alls that offer a ready canvas for your business name and logo. There are lots of colors and styles… something to suit just about anyone… to make your logo and name look great. And since your imprint appears on both sides… people see your business name no matter which side is facing out.
You might come across reports of re-usable shopping bags breeding bacteria — a scary thought to be sure. But before you make any decision… understand that the research was funded by Canada’s Plastics Industry Council Association, and while it is possible for a bit of water and a trace amount of food contamination (meat juices for example) to foster bacteria in the dark interior of the folded bag… this can easily be avoided without a return to landfill clogging plastic bags.
Instead. be proactive and a source of reliable information — tell anyone who might use a tote for groceries that meat should b e put in a single use, plastic bag from the store first so there’s no leaking of fluid that can stay in the bag you’ll be using next week. Regular washing, in the warmest water recommended, is also a simple, safe way to keep bacteria and other nasty organisms away.
And even though school’s almost over for the year, reusable lunch bags are a smaller version of the handy tote that also gets seen again and again. Bringing a lunch to work not only makes good financial sense during these tight economic times… today’s smart little lunch bags are anything but brown and boring. Good for the environment too, you’ll want to choose lunch bags that are easy to wipe clean, hold a standard sized lunch and fold flat… all while keeping your logo and business name looking good before lots of pairs of eyes.
No matter which type of tote you choose… a re-usable lunch box or canvas tote bag, you’ll be investing in a smart way to showcase your business name and logo all over town.

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