Ukraine4Good, Tesla Cyber Rodeo, Baskin-Robbins Rebrand – LIVE! Big Promo Cast Ep 109

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This week: Rich and Amber talk about Elon’s Tesla Cyber Rodeo, more on Ukraine4Good, and the Baskin Robbins rebrand. Rich never saw the ’31’ in the origina logo. HA!

Every week join Rich Graham and Amber Jewell as they discuss marketing with swag, merch, apparel, and custom branded promotional products.

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This week’s topics:

Neon Lights, Fireworks and $90 Merch: Elon Musk Throws Massive ‘Cyber Rodeo’ Party at Tesla Factory Opening

Tesla’s Texas Factory Opening Merch Includes Branding Iron, Belt Buckle

Cyber Rodeo Merch

Baskin-Robbins changes its logo | CNN Business

Baskin-Robbins Says ‘Seize The Yay’ In First Rebrand In 20 Years | The Drum

Baskin-Robbins Merch Shop

Where To Buy Aldi’s New Branded Merch That’s All Priced At Under $10

Pens at sheriff’s office subject of ethics complaint | Local News |

Most see squabble about pens as petty | Editorials |

Pabst Blue Ribbon hides beer kegs to bring Easter fun to adults | Marketing Dive

PBR To Host Epic Easter Kegg Hunt For Beer Drinkers In Four Major Cities

Arby’s Launches Toys in Honor of ‘National Pet Day’ | QSR magazine

Arby’s Pet Plushies – Arby’s Shop

From ASI: Promotional Products Firms’ Ukrainian Fundraisers


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