What Every Business Gift Needs: The WOW Factor

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Just as for your personal gifts… business gifts really need to have a WOW factor. That half second after the packaging is removed when the recipient is stopped in their tracks… literally breathless and blown away by what you’ve given them.
When it comes to business giving, there are lots of choices… maybe too many; but one of the best remains a promotional product that’s unexpected, welcomed and useful, delivered on time and with the proper messaging. Just as in your personal life, it’s no easy thing to be creative and appeal to your specific target audience with the right gift, but with a bit of time and effort (and some help!) it can be done.
And when you think about it, spending on gifts for customers and prospects is far a more effective way to market your business than paying for other forms of advertising. In fact, according to the the most recent ASI Global Advertising Impression Study, promotional products continue to be a more cost effective (compared to TV, radio and print) way to get your business name and number in front of customers, or potential ones.
Especially true in a time when people are exposed to anywhere from 300 to 3,000 individual marketing messages each day. Breaking through the clutter and clamor is key.
So… you want your business gift to WOW them… to show that no other product or service is quite like your own. But how to do it? As when you shop for personal gifts, you need to get inside the recipient’s head… spend a few minutes thinking about them and their typical day.
Some hints on finding a perfect business gift, ask yourself…

  • How often have you received a promotional gift that WOWed you? And what was it?
  • Will the gift surprise and delight the recipient?
  • Is the gift something that helps my target market in the day-to-day?
  • Will saving money here result in product choices that will reflect negatively on your business? Or is it a throw-away?
  • What does your business stand for?
  • Is the promotional gift going to get people talking… wanting one too?

Just as a helpful shopping companion can be a lifesaver when cruising the mall… an experienced promotional products specialist is a fantastic resource when choosing a quality business gift. Not only can they help you choose a product that’s right, they’ll show you how you can include your company name and logo to create a memorable, professional look. What’s more, these reps know how to get things done, so you’ll have your gifts in hand right when you need them.
Once you’ve chosen a business gift, it’s important to think a bit about how it will be presented. Never underestimate the power of the written word to compliment the gift and deliver a message that’s a combination of greeting and call to action. Professional writers know how to do this… so hire one if you’re struggling to get the message right. Just as you wouldn’t give a gift to your mom without a card or tag, don’t miss the chance to make sure the recipient of your business gift knows who sent it.
If you’ve done your work well, that business gift is something the recipient will see (and use) all year long. And think of you each and every time they do, long after the wrapping is gone and the holidays but a memory.
From all of us here at bigpromotions.net, enjoy your holidays!

— end —