Getting Your Business Noticed, Time And Time Again

An advertising rule of thumb is the Seven Times Factor. A prospect has to see a company name or message seven (some say it’s closer to nine) or more times before taking the bait. Seven! It takes consumers a while to tune in, and then they have to really need the product or service, and lastly (probably most importantly) the business needs to be easy to find. Some consumers are bombarded with information overload, and have a hard time paying attention.
How can you put thisto work for your business today? It easy! You start by using a logo and color scheme that’s clean and professional, and relates to your  business. Don’t skimp on this, or dismiss the idea as something you don’t need now. There are a lot of businesses competing for your customers, you want to stand out.
It’s a worthwhile investment to hire a professional designer to create a logo that symbolizes your business and reproduces well. You’ll likely have several options from which to choose. Combine the right logo with your company name, address, website and phone and you’ve got an imprint you can use on everything from your business cards and letterhead to your proposals and checks.
The same smart, professional look… repeated, time and time again.
The best part is that once you have a look you like, you can use it on more than just your printed materials — carry over the colors and logo to your website and any promotional materials you use. But don’t stop there… look for unique ways to display your logo – on your vehicle or a tote bag you take along, on a smart looking shirt or cap… even on the gifts you give customers or employees. The possibilities are endless.
Making the most of that old advertising rule isn’t as hard as you think. Any business, large or small, can use consistency and repetition to get noticed and remembered.