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Amber L. Jewell

The Key to Achieving Your Goals

Creating goals is a great way to push ourselves. What is more important, though, is sticking to them…There are so many different ways that can approach meeting a goal. Find what works for you and go for it.

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Industry News
Amber L. Jewell

Why Internal Promotions are the Way to Go

Some managers may say that directly hiring someone outside of the company to fill in the empty management position would be easiest. At the moment, it probably is; but look at the long-term effects.

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Brand Development
Amber L. Jewell

Four Tips For Trade Show Season

Believe it or not, trade show season is just around the corner! Whether you are a vendor who needs to make sure booths are ready to go or a consumer who is preparing for the ever-so-tiring walks, it’s time to get ready.

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Mind the Expiration Date

Did you know that there are expiration dates on several other items that should absolutely not be ignored? Most of these are actually safety items, so it is especially important to check expiration dates to make sure that they are still safe to use.

Thanks, Boss!

Everyone who has ever had a job can remember certain bosses - the ones who stand out, both the good and the bad...In honor of Boss's Day (October 17), I think that it's important to let our bosses know when they are doing a good job!

10 Ideas For Beating Procrastination

Putting off projects or other responsibilities is a huge stressor and just makes my anxiety climb - which makes me not want to "do the thing," which increases my anxiety ... and round and round we go.

Holiday Bargains in October

Today, it's time to talk about getting your business ready for the holidays - and helping your customers get ready, too... Customers will want to take advantage of savings as much and for as long as they can.
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