Running Your Business
Rich Graham

Marketing During A Recession

It’s time to double down If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably trying to figure out how to keep marketing your business when things are looking bleak. Lots of people think that cutting advertising will save them – but

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Amber L. Jewell

How Changing Your Diet Can Improve Your Work Life

Recognizing how food choices affect you every day can really help you make smarter decisions. Not only does it help your physical health, but it also benefits your mental health, productivity, and focus. Keep these three tips in mind to put into a place a plan that helps you not only at home, but also at work.

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Brand Development
Amber L. Jewell

Using Technology to Improve Your Work

Can you imagine being a store owner in the Wild West? … You didn’t even have air conditioning to cool off on a hot summer day! Thanks to technology, times have definitely changed. But are you making the most of the technology that you have?

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Fun Stuff
Amber L. Jewell

Adding Enjoyment to Your Work Day

Most people I know complain about going into work. The day seems to go by slowly and many people don’t even enjoy the work that they do. They do their job because it pays the bills and their kids need to eat – that’s it. If you, like many others, struggle with getting through the work day, there are definitely things you can do to improve it!

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Product Showcase: Optometrists

My 10-year-old recently got glasses after struggling to see. The optometrist whom she saw was phenomenal, giving my daughter just the right amount of information as to what would happen next and what she needed. If you work with an optometrist, it can be great to see how you can better reach your patients.

Life Advice From Parenting

Being a parent has definitely had its ups and downs. More than anything, though, my kids have taught me more than I could ever list. For the last ten years, I have learned a lot about myself, the world around me, and the magic of the outlook of a child.

Product Showcase: Wine Exclusives

This time of year, many people are getting out there to enjoy their wine. Wineries are opening up for tours, vendors supply wine at various events, and wine tastings are abundant. Whether you sell wine online through subscriptions, own a beer and wine store, or run your own winery, it's important to have customers that keep coming back to you.
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