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Amber L. Jewell

Gifts for the Boss

Consider having an office party for or gifting management who work so hard to make sure that companies run smoothly, while making sure that employees have what they need.

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Brand Development
Amber L. Jewell

Five Things That My Grandmother Taught Me About Business

My mom’s mother has been a crucial part of my life since birth. I have lived with her multiple times and she has taught me a lot about life. Here are five things that I have learned from her that you can apply to your business, as well as use every day…

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Amber L. Jewell

The Art of Becoming an Expert

Becoming an expert in your field may feel like a daunting task. But it really only comes down to two things: find the definition of an expert in your field, and then study hard.

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Being Mindful of Important People in Your Life

We are all trying to live our lives in a meaningful way, and having good relationships helps us achieve that. It is therefore very helpful for us to be mindful of important people who have helped us along the way in our life.

Spotlight: Madam CJ Walker

Born Sarah Breedlove, Madam CJ Walker was the "first Black woman millionaire in America." After suffering from hair loss, she decided to create a line of hair care products for Black women.
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