Everyday Marketing

When is marketing useful for those who are not business owners? … What does this look like though and why does it matter?

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Big Promo Cast

Big Promo Cast Ep 002

Heres links to the topics on the episode. Twitch Rebrand The Best Marketing Doesnt Feel Like Marketing – Tom Fishburne, Founder and CEO, Marketoonist Service vs Experience Twitter apologizes for targeting ads with email, phone numbers

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Eat Bitter Until…

The Chinese teach the phrase Chi Ku 吃苦 – translated to “eat bitter,” which refers to buckling down in times of hardship. It creates a mindset that reminds you to push through the hard times, as difficulty is a part of life.

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Service Versus Experience

SERVICE - n. - (1) an act of helpful activity; (2) help; (3) aid. But is that all there is to it? Most people agree that good service is a necessity when running any sort of business.

Big Promo Cast Ep 001

In this episode, Amber Jewell and Rich Graham discuss the difference between stopping and quitting, overcoming creative blocks, and seasonal…

Talking Like a Toddler

...A vibrant, fearless two-year-old actually one of the best communicators that I know. You may think that I’m kidding, but I’m really not. The irony is that his vocabulary right now only consists of about 75 words.

Be Like Bob

Be known as the kind, helpful, caring entity. Reward your employees for good deeds. Save the planet. Be a hero. Spread the love, then spread the word. A grand gesture while still gaining publicity… it’s a win for everyone, right?
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