Big Promo Cast Ep 001

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In this episode, Amber Jewell and Rich Graham discuss the difference between stopping and quitting, overcoming creative blocks, and seasonal promos for fall. We’ll also talk about some writing successes we both had!

Here’s links to the topics discussed on the episode:

Blog Post – Stop, But Don’t Quit

Morning Pages

Steven Pressfield

Book Rec: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Book Rec: The Ultimate Client Experience by Amber Jewell

Book Rec: The Ultimate Employee Experience by Amber Jewell

The GaryVee Audio Experience – How to Figure Out Who You Really Are

Gary Vee Content Strategy

Dan Lok on YouTube

Book Rec: FU Money by Dan Lok

Rich’s HairBNB Sketch – June 2, 2019 at 4Day East, Dallas, TX

Big Papi / Weekend Update / HairBNB – SNL September 28, 2019

Stainless Tumblers

Holiday Food Gifts

Calendars Make Great Year Round Promos

2020 Promotional Calendars

Personalized Desk Calendars

Draplin Design Co. – Portland, Ore.

Glistlefoot Improv

Watch for The Ultimate Vendor Experience by Amber Jewell

Picture of Rich Graham

Rich Graham

Purveyor of branded swag and merch. Host to 3 kidneys. Uncredited contributor at @nbcsnl Chief Imagination Officer at @bigpromotions. Podcaster at
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