Big Promo Cast Ep 024 – Oddbird NA Wine, Danny Meyer, Working From Home, Merch

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Oddbird Non-Alcoholic Wine – Welcome To Nowhere

Danny Meyer on Restaurants during Covid

Dallas Comedy House closes shop permanently after a decade

Billy Bob’s Texas applies for new permit to reopen as a restaurant

TABC investigating Fort Worth bar

High-End Mint Plaza Sushi Spot Hashiri Debuts Dining Under Plastic Domes

Study Says People Work Longer, Send More Emails While Working From Home During Pandemic

KFC Has Launched Its Own Lipstick – & It Tastes Like Hot Wings

Buy USPS merch to help save the Post Office
#SaveUSPS #DontDefundUSPS

Star Ribbon Forever Stamp by Aaron Draplin

Star Ribbon Stamp Patch with Cancellation Card

Draplin wishing for a stamp in 1998

Chipotle launching avocado-dyed apparel

Whataburger Store

Eric Hanson Artwork

So I guess we’re in the PPE business now

The Fandana Multi-Functional Head and Neck Wear

Point of Sale Counter Shields

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Morning Brew Newsletter

Switchpod by Pat Flynn (affiliate link)

Rich’s Vlog

Timebomb by Old 97s

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