Martha Stewart x Liquid Death, Happy Meal Fail, Mentos Raccoons – Big Promo Cast Ep 134

Ep 134 10-13-2022

Martha Stewart gets crafty making candles with Liquid Death and some unknowing volunteers. McDonald’s is disappointing customers looking for Adult Happy Meals. Mentos has trained racoons to help with recycling efforts. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups have a College tie in, recruiting college players named REESE. Are you making these social media mistakes? All this and more on this week’s Big Promo Cast.

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This week’s topics:

Burger King scares up some serious heat with the Ghost Pepper Whopper

Burger King – Home of the Ghosts

McDonald’s Workers Are Unhappy About Adult Happy Meals

Deja vu? McDonald’s adult Happy Meals raise specter of past promos run awry

Finding a McDonald’s adult Happy Meal in San Diego

Mentos sustainability campaign ‘proves’ racoons are better at recycling

(2) Mentos Trained Real Raccoons to Recycle Paperboard Gum Bottles

Reese’s Unveils Marketing Campaign With NIL Tie-In

Team Reese: HBCU football pair get sweet NIL deal

Welcome To REESE’S University | Home of the Fighting Cuppies

5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Social Media

Martha Stewart Collaborates with Liquid Death Water on New Candle

Martha Stewart X Liquid Death Dismembered Moments Candle

Liquid Death x Martha Stewart Candle Commercial

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