Clam-O-Naise, Ritz Cookbook, Doggy Parton, NaNoWriMo – LIVE! Big Promo Cast Ep 135

This week AJ announces her new writing endeavor. Papa Johns has a weird halloween promo, and Captain Morgan misses the mark in it’s marketing. RITZ Crackers have a holiday cookbook coming out, and Dolly and the dude from KoRn have new pet-based businesses. And would you like to try some Clam-infused Mayo if it came with a Cards Against Humanity pack buried deep inside the jar?

Every week join Rich Graham and Amber Jewell as they discuss marketing with swag, merch, apparel, and custom branded promotional products.

Join us LIVE on Thursdays at noon eastern time.

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This week’s topics:

Canadian Podcast Releases Limited Edition Episode on only 50 Cassettes

Papa Johns Launches Garlic Dipping Sauce Necklace for Halloween

The Stranger Bling Necklace by Papa Johns

Captain Morgan adds some spice to its ads

Captain Morgan

RITZ Holiday Campaign

RITZ Taste of Welcome Cookbook

Celebrate all the flavors of the holidays with RITZ

Dolly Parton and the Dude from KoRn Are Going Big on Pet Products: Are You?

Doggy Parton

Freak on a Leash

Target Is Selling Clam-Flavored Mayonaise | Cards Against Humanity Card Pack

Clam-O-Naiseยฎ by Cards Against Humanity

Welcome | NaNoWriMo

Hereโ€™s Why You Should Pick Up A Book More Often

750 Words – Write every day.

The Most Dangerous Writing App

Hemingway Editor

Morning Pages | Julia Cameron Live

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AJ On Twitter

Aj on Instagram

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