Bud’s Vinyl Coasters, Walmart Oops, Jamba Nails & Snoopy Blood Drive Tees

🍻 Budweiser is spinning us right round with their coaster-sized vinyl records, promoting underground artists. Don’t own a record player? No worries, you can still jam out on Spotify! Go Bud for supporting indie talent!

🤦‍♂️ Walmart Canada had an awkward moment with an environmentally friendly t-shirt that accidentally spelled something nasty. Oops! Maybe a better review process next time, eh?

💅 Jamba Juice is now in the nail polish biz, partnering with Color Department to make polishes that match their smoothie colors. Grab the 4-pack before they’re gone!

💉 The American Red Cross is getting a boost from the Peanuts gang. Donate blood, and score a Snoopy t-shirt! TikTokers are loving it, so join the bandwagon and do some good.

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This week’s topics:

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0:44 Budweiser Created Vinyl Bar Coasters That Double as Records


1:56 Walmart Recalls Shirt After Shoppers Point Out It Spells Offensive Word


3:30 Jamba Releases Nail Polish in Partnership with Color Dept.


The Jamba Kit: ($40 value) – Color Dept.

The Jamba Kit: ($40 value)

4:57 Red Cross + Peanuts Joe Cool T-Shirt


This Red Cross Snoopy shirt is so good blood donations are on the rise