Taylor Swift’s Merch Fail, Elton’s Pricey Merch, King Charles Refuses Crown

Pizza Hut’s collab with Chain is worth a mention – they’re selling reversible bucket hats that look like their iconic stained glass table lamps. But you can only get them when they drop.

The Future King of England finally got the crown, but he’s not down to wear the Burger King crown offered by fans.

Elton John’s got some pricey tour merch for sale, including a boot-shaped candle for 250 pounds. That’s one expensive candle to burn!

And let’s not forget about Taylor Swift’s merch truck drama. Fans are scooping up all her stuff and reselling it for a profit. But, some folks are saying the ink is washing off after just one wash. That’s a bummer when you pay big bucks for a shirt that the ink disappears from after one spin cycle.

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0:39 Pizza Hut Releases Hats That Look Like Its Classic Lamps


Pizza Hut Hat – Chain


Chain On Instagram


2:37 King Charles Refuses Gift of Burger King Crown


King Charles Refuses Gift of Burger King Crown

3:56 Elton John sells bizarre merchandise during his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour


5:32 What’s Going On With The Taylor Swift Merch Situation? And How Can It Be Fixed?

What’s Going On With The Taylor Swift Merch Situation? And How Can It Be Fixed?

7:10 Taylor Swift’s Eras Merch Is Getting a Bad Reputation on TikTok


Guess My Horoscope on TikTok about Taylor Swift Merch fail


guess my horoscope🫠anyways, making this tiktok distracted me and stopped my hysterical sobbing. i unfortunately saw the tiktoks of ppl having this problem after it was too late😭 #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo #erastourmerch #theerastourmerch #taylorswift

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