Coronation Merch, Domino’s Rolex Watches, Miller High Life X Planters

‘Trend Jacking’ the Royal Coronation with merch. Fans and businesses celebrated the event with quirky merch, from ‘Coronation Flakes’ to chocolate busts of King Charles. Heinz Ketchup and Uber cleverly joined the coronation buzz.

We also look at the world of collectible branded watches, starting with an unexpected story from Domino’s Pizza. Learn how these high-performer incentive watches are now auction stars.

Lastly, we discuss the lively collaboration between Miller High Life and Planters. Check out their unique merch line that harmoniously blends two iconic brands.

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0:32 King Charles’s Coronation Memorabilia: Merch Fit for a King

King Charles’s coronation: Life-sized bust of monarch made from 17 litres of melted chocolate

Heinz Kingchup Coronation Bundle

You can Uber a ‘Coronation Carriage’ ahead of King Charles’s crowning

Shop King Charles Coronation Merch, Souvenirs, & Memorabilia

The VERY  dubious Coronation merch on sale

4:47 How the Domino’s Pizza Rolex Helped Make Branded Watches Desirable

Why Is There a Domino’s Logo on This Rolex?

6:26 Miller High Life and the Planters Brand Are “A Match Made in the High Life”

Match Made In The High Life – Miller High Life Shop