Quiksilver Eco-Friendly Merch, Cinemark Swag, IHOP Coffee, Oscar Mayer Frankmobile

Ep 162 05-25-2023

Quiksilver and Pacifico are back with their second beach-themed collection, featuring items made from recycled materials. Cinemark’s new movie swag store offers exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy merch and more. IHOP is brewing up something new: pancake-flavored coffee. We’re taking a closer look at this unique twist on java and evaluating whether this might be just what IHOP needs to stay relevant.

Finally, let’s chat about Oscar Meyer’s iconic Wienermobile. They’re celebrating their 100% beef franks with a rebrand to the Frankmobile. And with the change comes a new giveaway item – the Frank Whistle!

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This week’s topics:

0:36 Quiksilver and Pacifico Release a Second Sustainable Apparel Capsule


Pacifico Collab for Men – Shop Online now | Quiksilver


2:20 Cinemark Launches Online Merchandise Shop in Latest Example of Customer-Centric Enhancements


Cinemark Merch Shop


4:30 IHOP Pancake Coffee At Home


IHOP Coffee Mug Diffuser on Amazon (Affiliate Link)


7:01 The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Gets a Beefy New Name for the First Time in Nearly 100 Years


Frankmobile Tour Schedule: Be a Frankfurter | Oscar Mayer®


OhIWish.com – Weinermobile Merch Shop



Oscar Mayer on Instagram