Dunkin Inflatable Spiders, Pepperoni Day, Bean Merch, Gigabier

Featured Campaigns:

Hormel Foods: Launched a pepperoni popup shop in Austin, Minnesota to celebrate National Pepperoni Day. Various pepperoni-themed merchandise were on offer for a limited time.

Bush’s Beans Introduced merchandise around specific holidays, emphasizing engagement over revenue. They’re using social posts on TikTok and Instagram to measure engagement.

Stouffer’s released an Advent calendar with seven different meals as a part of themed, limited-edition merch to drive excitement.

Dunkin’ introduced a six-foot-tall inflatable spider donut, among other merchandise, demonstrating a play on their existing products to engage customers.

Tesla & Elon Musk promoted the Cybertruck through Giga Beer, showcasing how distinctive elements of a brand can be leveraged for promotional purposes.

Crayola collaborated with Kohl’s on a colorful, limited-edition merchandise line to foster creativity, mainly aimed at children but with some offerings for adults.

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0:50 ‘I Only Stand For Pepperoni’ Socks? Hormel Opens Pop-Up Shop


Pepperoni Shop


4:13 Backpacks, costumes, sandals: Why Bush’s Beans is investing in merch


Bush’s Beans Online Store | Shop BUSH’S® Beans – Shop.BushBeans.com


8:01 Stouffer’s Launched a Frozen Food Calendar


Stouffer’s on Instagram


Advent Comfort Calendar

Advent Comfort Calendar

10:30 Dunkin’ Unveils Inflatable Spider Donut for Halloween Fanatics – QSR Magazine

Dunkin’ Unveils Inflatable Spider Donut for Halloween Fanatics

Spider Donut Inflatable

Spider Donut Inflatable

12:55 Tesla Is Now Selling Its Own Beer, CyberBeer


CyberBeer + CyberStein




15:24 Crayola Teams Up with Kohl’s for Color-Forward, Limited-Edition Merchandise Line


Crayola x Kohl’s | Kohl’s


17:12 Trade Show University

Trade Show U Podcast for Virtual & Live Events – Home