Holiday Merch from KFC & Tito’s, Dunkin Dog Toys, Gold Peak Golden Hour, Matilda Bay Other Merch

We kick things off with Gold Peak Iced Tea’s nifty iPhone accessory: we explore how it transforms everyday moments into the coveted ‘golden hour’ with a simple clip-on filter. Then, we jet over to Australia where Matilda Bay is shaking things up by giving away merch from more popular brands, cheekily promoting their Hazy Lager as your ‘second favorite beer’.

Tito’s Vodka brings the holiday spirit with their ‘kinda ugly’ holiday collection, where the proceeds go to dog charities – a heartwarming touch for the festive season. Meanwhile, Bark teams up with Dunkin’ in the Dogs for Joy program, offering adorable dog toys that mimic Dunkin’ products, with proceeds going to charity.

Finally, KFC gets in on the holiday action with their new bucket design and a range of merch, including a cozy hoodie and clever finger-lickable gloves, perfect for chicken enthusiasts.

It’s a whirlwind tour of how brands are getting creative with their promotional products, blending fun, functionality, and a dash of charity work.

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0:47 Gold Peak Tea Is Redefining ‘Golden Hour’ Photography

Golden Hour | Gold Peak® Beverages

#shotwithgoldpeak on Instagram | Hashtags

6:04 Matilda Bay, Howatson+Company Promotes Hazy Lager as Your Second Favourite Beer

Your 2nd Favourite Beer – Matilda Bay

8:44 Tito’s introduces the ‘Kinda Ugly Holiday Collection’

Holiday – Tito’s Handmade Vodka

12:30 Dunkin’ Teams with BARK to Offer Dog Toys for Charity – QSR Magazine

Dunkin’ Teams with BARK to Offer Dog Toys for Charity

Joy in Childhood Foundation Dogs for Joy Program

BARK + Dunkin

BARK + Dunkin

13:38 KFC Releases New Joy Holiday Bucket Along With A New Special Holiday Merch

KFC Releases New Secret Recipe Of Joy Holiday Bucket Along With A New Special Holiday Design For The $20 Fill Up Box

Holiday Collection – KFC Shop

Holiday Collection