AI Collabs, Boban’s Goldfish Dish, Jameson Unboxing, Smashburger Fail? – Big Promo Cast Ep 153

Ep 153 02-23-2023

Today I get to unbox my Jameson Whiskey Desk Decoy for St Patrick’s Day! Smashburger is offering a macaroni-shaped body pillow to celebrate their new “S’mac N Cheese Burger” – or are they? Boban Marjanović can hold 301 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish in his huge hand. And you can too, with a replica Boban hand/Goldfish bowl. Wanna see your dream collab? Try it with AI!

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Ad Age on Twitter – fake brand unions that have popped up in creative circles on social media in recent weeks –

AI And Fake Brand Collabs—How Chatgpt, Dall-E And Midjourney Are Used To Create Unusual Mashups

Design your own Fake Collab

Smashburger Releases Macaroni-Shaped Body Pillow in Honor of New S’mac & Cheese Burger | QSR magazine

Smashburger Giveaway on IG

Goldfish cracker fans needs this dish the size of NBA star Boban Marjanović’s hand. How to enter. –

Boban on IG

Goldfish Hand Dish

Post Drop

All Star Hand | The Goldfish x Boban Hand Dish

Meet Your Jameson Desk Decoy

Regina Hall for Jameson® Irish Whiskey

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