Scream Popcorn Tubs, Ryan Reynolds x Terry Fox, Is Elon A Deadbeat? – Big Promo Cast Ep 154

Ep 154 03-02-2023

Twitter isn’t paying it’s bills. They owe for and private jets, but also for some more lavish expenses – like luxury whiskey and swag! Cinemark has opened up online preorders for a limited edition ‘Scream VI’ collectible Ghostface Popcorn Tub. Fans want to know where Marvel has hidden their Ant-Man and The Wasp SF Giants hats. Canadian National Treasure Ryan Reynolds’ Terry Fox Foundation t-shirt pre-sales have skyrocketed in support of the fight against cancer.

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This week’s topics:

Twitter’s Unpaid Bills: Office Rent, Private Jets, Luxury Whiskey | Observer

From Japanese Whiskey to Space-Themed Swag, Here’s Everything Twitter Owes Money On

Musk’s Twitter sued yet again, this time by Bay Area company

Cinemark Opens Up Online Preorders for ‘Scream VI’ Collectible Ghostface Popcorn Tub – Bloody Disgusting

Cinemark Opens Up Online Preorders for ‘Scream VI’ Collectible Ghostface Popcorn Tub

Purchase collectible Scream Popcorn tub today!

Ant-Man and The Wasp Giants hats exist and we need them, Marvel

Ryan Reynolds on Twitter: “Love this. So much demand for this shirt…””

Ryan Reynolds’ Terry Fox t-shirt pre-sales skyrocket – AS USA

2023 Terry Fox Run Long-Sleeve T-Shirt – The Terry Fox Foundation

2023 Terry Fox Run Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Let’s fight cancer together- Terry Fox Foundation


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