Apple WWDC Merch, Big Slick KC, Rolling Stones x Keurig

We kick off with the collaboration between the geriatric rock band, the Rolling Stones, and Keurig. They launched a ‘Start Me Up’ iced coffee maker, sadly it’s already sold out. The marketing strategy behind it proves the power of unexpected partnerships and limited edition offerings.

Apple’s latest reveal at the WWDC – not the Vision Pro, but their killer merch. From limited-edition tote bags to enamel pins, Apple’s merch game is strong and resonates with its audience.

Starbucks’ unusual merch strategy in Korea and across Asia, highlighting how popular their merchandise collections can get. Their Pantone Merchandise Collection is a testament to the power of tailored, relevant merchandise in your marketing strategy.

A great case study from Kansas City, where the “Big Slick” fundraising event used branded merchandise to raise over $180,000 for Children’s Mercy Hospital. This story underlines the role merchandise can play in not just promoting an event, but also creating lasting, positive memories associated with your brand.

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0:44 The Rolling Stones x Keurig ‘Start Me Up’ Coffee Collab

Those Lips: Keurig, Havas ‘Start Up’ Summer With Rolling Stones Tie-in 06/07/2023

Rolling Stones X Keurig

Rolling Stones Summer Start Me Up Playlist on Spotify

2:27 WWDC 2023 Conference Swag Includes Tote Bag, Drinks Bottle, Hat, and More

#WWDC23 SWAG on Twitter

4:01 Starbucks reduces product marketing, focuses on customer service

Explore bold and playful summer colors with the new STARBUCKS® + PANTONE™ merchandise collection : Starbucks Stories Asia

6:27 Big Slick’s Big Merch Energy Helps Raise $3.5 Million for Children’s Mercy

Big Slick Celebrity Weekend – 2023 Recap Video – YouTube

Big Slick Kansas City | June 2nd-3rd, 2023

Donate to Big Slick!/donation/checkout