Barbie Collabs, Yeti $400 Skillet, Natty Light x Sperry, Halo Top PintPack

Natural Light has an oddly intriguing upcycling collab with Sperry, giving your old boat shoes a new lease on life as…can holders? Yeti releases a scorching $400 skillet that’s causing a stir (pun intended). Ever thought you needed a crossbody bag to keep your ice cream cold? Neither did I, but Halo Top seems to think it’s an essential accessory for National Ice Cream Day. Plus, we’ll touch on how other ice cream brands are using merch to whip up some extra business.

And lastly, it seems Barbie has stepped off the runway and onto…everything! She’s got her pink-streaked touch on all sorts of merch right now and it’s causing quite a stir.

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0:45 Natural Light, Sperry turn boat shoes into sea-ready beer holders | Marketing Dive

Natty Sperry

New Balance x Miller Lite Shoezie for Father’s Day

3:42 Halo Top’s New Crossbody Bag Will Keep Your Pint Of Ice Cream Cold

Food, Fashion Collide With Halo Top’s PintPack 07/19/2023

Say Halo to the PintPack

Mercantile | Salt & Straw


Toscanini’s Online Store

Merch | Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Merchandise & Apparel | McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams

Merchandise & Apparel

Merch | Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams


Blue Bell Creameries – Country Store

Halo Top®

National Ice Cream Day Deals and Free Food for 2023

11:06 Yeti Just Launched the Most Expensive Cast Iron Skillet We’ve Ever Seen

Only YETI Can Get Away With Selling a $400 Cast Iron Pan | GearJunkie

Only YETI Can Get Away With Selling a $400 Cast Iron Pan

YETI 12″ Cast Iron Skillet

13:51 The Barbie brand was made for this moment

Counting the many, many Barbie collabs

Moshe Isaacian on Twitter

Think Pink: Barbie Mania Spawns Dozens Of Branded Merch Collaborations

This Barbiecore Pasta Gift Box Comes With a Pasta Chef Barbie

Pasta Gift Box – Barbie Edition – Zia Pia

Pasta Gift Box – Barbie Edition