Original Berf, KFC Summer, Rao’s High Dollar Handbag, Nathan’s Hot Dog Observations

With National Fried Chicken Day, KFC has dropped a summer merch line that’s finger-licking awesome. From beach towels to bucket hats and even fancy Shady Rays sunglasses.

Rao’s Italian restaurant sauces and their interactive experience? Browse through their virtual shop, filling up your ‘passport’ with stickers… Sounds fun, right? Just wait into the suprise ending. AND the $1000 handbag! Baffling.

The Bear is back on Hulu! The trailer shows a misprinted t-shirt, and instantly ‘Original Berf’ (not Beef) shirts are everywhere. Nathan’s hot dog contest with its cornucopia of branded merch. Jerseys, inflatable boomsticks, foam hot dog hats, signage, you name it.

Watch this one on youtube! https://youtu.be/tTWfwR8Zrq8

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This week’s topics:

0:50 Kentucky Fried Chicken Launches New Merch Shop | QSR magazine


Ultimate Summer Collection – KFC Shop

Ultimate Summer Collection

3:30 Rao’s Homemade Releases Pasta Sauce Jar Handbags


Rao’s Saucery: Virtual Store – Rao’s Homemade


7:02 Yes, Chef! You Can Actually Order Your Own ‘Original Berf’ T-Shirt Like the One in ‘The Bear’


The Bear Gifts & Merchandise | Official FX Shop | FX Networks Shop

The Bear

Original Berf – Etsy


9:15 A Promo Breakdown of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest – Promo Marketing

A Promo Breakdown of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest