Big Promo Cast Ep 015 – Virtual Conferences, PPE Products, What Message Are You Sending

Ep 015 20-05-15

Here are links to the topics on the episode:

How to Set Up a Virtual Conference

Microsoft Build Conference Swag Box Unboxing

M&M’s crowdsources next TV spot via virtual coloring book

So I guess we’re in the PPE business now

The Fandana Multi-Functional Head and Neck Wear

Point of Sale Counter Shields

What Message Are You Sending?

Chips Ahoy / Sour Patch Kids Cookies

Fulfillment / Shipping – We can send your Branded Merch to your customers

Running a Social Media Tag Contest to give away swag

Sales Not Selling: Follow Up Is Queen

Switchpod by Pat Flynn (affiliate link)

Rich’s Vlog

Watch for The Ultimate Vendor Experience by Amber Jewell

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