Crocs x Taco Bell, Coors Light Bear, Raising Cane’s NYC, Cholula x Uprisers

In this episode, we dive into exciting collaborations and promotional ideas from top brands like Crocs, Taco Bell, Coors Light, Cholula, and Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers.

Crocs and Taco Bell announced a limited-edition Mellow Slide – a perfect blend of the two brands’ identities. Crocs leverages partnerships with influential brands, such as Disney, Marvel, NBA, Star Wars, and Nickelodeon, to engage audiences.

Cholula did a collab with and UPRISERS, a streetwear brand committed to uplifting underrepresented communities. Their limited-edition merch flew off the shelves, underscoring the potential of branded merch in connecting with younger audiences.

Coors Light’s has a creative workaround NFL’s advertising restrictions, introducing a refreshing ‘bear’ (not beer!) that supports a charitable cause. We question the strategy of limited pre-sales and emphasize the importance of fulfilling customer demand.

And we wrap up with Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers: first, a store designed by Post Malone and and it’s collector cup promotion. We also take a peek at the new flagship store in Times Square and their location-specific merch.

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This week’s topics:

0:36 Taco Bell Teams With Crocs on ‘Live Más’ Mellow Slides

Taco Bell X Crocs Mellow Slide

2:39 Cholula® Announces Limited-Edition “La Familia” Streetwear Collection with UPRISERS

Cholula Hot Sauce on Instagram

UPRISERS X Cholula Three Generations Set

UPRISERS X Cholula Three Generations Set

UPRISERS X Cholula Iconic Cap Set

UPRISERS X Cholula Iconic Cap Set

7:03 Patrick Mahomes, Coors Light introduce Coors Light Bear

The Coors Light Bear Golf Club Cover

The Coors Light Bear Golf Club Cover

Patrick Mahomes sells Coors Light flashlights for charity

15 and the Mahomies Foundation

7:03 Post Malone, Raising Cane’s collaborate on new collector’s cups

Raising Cane’s

8:33 Raising Cane’s Marks Big Apple Debut with Global Flagship in Times Square

Bringing Our One Love to The Big Apple with the Global Flagship in Times Square