Doritos X Stranger Things, CNN+ Welcome Baskets, DQ All Star Summer – LIVE! Big Promo Cast Ep 114

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This week: The 80s are coming back with Doritos, Stranger Things, and an awesome online concert! Plus – CNN+ welcomes newly laid off employees after they shut down operations. Also what does Hip Hop do to Cheez-It’s to make them so dang good?

Every week join Rich Graham and Amber Jewell as they discuss marketing with swag, merch, apparel, and custom branded promotional products.

Join us LIVE on Thursdays at noon eastern time.


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This week’s topics:

Doritos Partners with Netflix’s Stranger Things to bring fans “Live from the Upside Down” Concert Featuring ’80s Music Legends | Packaging Strategies

Doritos Stranger Things |

CNN Accidentally Sent Welcome Baskets to Laid-Off CNN+ Employees

Pepsi Unveils New Pepsi-Roni Pizza Topped With Pepsi-Infused Pepperoni – Chew Boom

Brand New: “Better with Pepsi”

Vineyard Vines – Morning Brew Shop

vineyard vines | Casual & Classic Men’s & Women’s Clothing

Morning Brew Store – Morning Brew Shop

Morning Brew Newsletter

Cheez-It taps Pandora to produce ‘sonically-aged’ cheddar crackers | Marketing Dive

Welcome to Cheez-It® HQ – Cheez-It HQ

DQ All-Star Summer

DQ® VIP Box: BLIZZARD® Treat Honorary Naming, $5k Treat Pass +Extras | eBay

DQ® Ultimate Box: Projector, $1k Treat Pass, Custom DQ® Jersey +Extras | eBay

DQ® All-Star Summer Box: $500 Treat Pass, Custom DQ® Jersey, +Extras | eBay


Armed Forces Day | govinfo

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