Easy Does It

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It has been said the easiest way to get something done is to do it yourself. Well this is one theory, my theory is it is much easier to get someone else to do it and take the credit. Okay that is false but now that I have your attention here is the thought for the day “Make it Easy on them!”
Staples introduced an “Easy Button” in their commercials. The idea was that it was so easy to find what you needed and be done shopping that the touch of a button could do it for you. This “Easy button became so popular, that Staples began to sell it in store and online for $4.99. Not only is the “Easy Button” fairly good size, when you tap it a voice says “That was easy!” Everyone is looking for the magic button. So, make it easy on them!
The key is to keep your organization top of mind with your clients and prospects. The magic button or “Easy Button” is now the go to guy whether it is out of necessity or frustration.
Create your own “Easy Button” with your name or your organizations name on it. Start your brand by reminding your client, you are easy to deal with and always there when they need you. If Staples can sell thousands of units of a button that implies “Easy” and does nothing in reality, how much more value does the “Easy Button” with a link to actual people and organizations that create a solution provide!
Leave your clients saying that was “Easy!” offer a button and provide the magic.

— end —