Everyone’s Mothers’ Day

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We all know that Mother’s Day is coming up next – May 9th, in fact. But who will you be celebrating on Mother’s Day?

I love my mom. I also acknowledge, though, that there are other mothers in my life. I have women who were there for me as I was growing up and played a maternal role in my upbringing. My grandmothers are both mothers who raised my parents; if it weren’t for my grandmothers, I wouldn’t be here! I also have friends who are moms and do an awesome job at it.

I’ve always felt that praising all moms is important. It’s not called “My Mother’s Day,” right? Maybe we should call it “Everyone’s Mothers’ Day.” Remember to say thanks to the mother of your children, the mom of your kid’s best friend, and anyone else who is a mother.

Many businesses have a specials going on for Mother’s Day. You can slash your sales, give specials for moms, or offer a coloring contest for kids to draw Mother’s Day cards. Are you looking to give gifts to moms everywhere, or promotion a Mother’s Day sale? Take a look at these gifts that Mom will love!

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