Halloween Promos That Are Scary Good

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You probably started getting the costume catalogs while summer was still in all its glory. And the candy displays have been in the stores for weeks now. As a non-gift holiday that offers a break from the gloomy news of the day, even those with tight budges can take part and enjoy the fun.
It seems that consumers are embracing All Hallows Eve in a big way this season. You might think this costume wearing, candy collecting holiday is just for children, but there’s big money to be made. Spending is estimated to total $6.9 billion this year, up from $5.6 billion last year and more than two times what consumers reported they’d spend back in 2005.
Seven in 10 Americans plan to celebrate Halloween, up from 64% in 2010, the highest in the ten years the National Retail Federation has been conducting such surveys. And while the holiday falls on a Monday night this year, figures from Pizza Marketplace’s 2007 Pizza Industry Study, have Halloween as the third busiest day of the year, right behind Super Bowl Sunday and New Year’s Eve.

Even if you’re not in the pizza, candy or costume business, you can still use Halloween promo products to address the holiday and show customers you care. In fact, sending a mug or another container filled with tasty treats now is an unexpected gesture that stands out — doesn’t get lost in the press of gifts that come in December.
Here are some other quality promotional items you might consider to get your business into Halloween..

Of course Halloween isn’t all about the kids. A 2005 survey at Careerbuilder.com found that just about one third (31% to be exact) of adults in the workplace will be dressing up on the job. But if that’s not something you want to encourage, or isn’t practical in your workplace, you can still recognize the holiday with some decorations or a small treat for your employees.
Halloween themed promotional products are a fun way to build morale and adds some spirit (pun intended) to an otherwise regular work day.

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